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    Wetten ins büro für ausländer

    Hello everyone,
    first of all apologies for writing in English.

    Next few months I will be in Austria and Germany very often so I'm interested in offline betshops functioning. Is it possible to come in bet filiale and play ticket without any special registration?
    i read about betshops and saw tipico and bet3000 have most shops in Munich, would like to know about stake limits, i mostly play full time results, 1.8-2.5 total odd.
    Is it anything different in Austria- Admiral/Cashpoint/Tipico?
    If i play ticket with max limit in one shop, can get to another one and rebet?

    Thanks in advance.

    In Austria - Admiral
    In German - Tipico

    Pozdrav druže


      Don´t play in Germany. You have to Pay Tax . so you finance the so called
      " Diäten " of the politicians.


      • viki84
        viki84 kommentierte
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        Or your social benefits.

      • adriaticsee
        adriaticsee kommentierte
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        tax is only 5% ? Here i pay 5% on each bet and aditional 10% on winnings so it's really ok in germany.

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      In Austria - Admiral
      In German - Tipico

      Pozdrav druže
      Hello to you too :)
      Have to write in English, sorry
      Do you know if i could bet with ID card only in Tipico without registration? And how high are their limits?
      Can i bet Bundesliga/La primera/Serie A/Premiership with 500€ or more per ticket with total odd 2- 2.5?


        Hello and welcome,

        In Upper Austria we have a lot of betting machines in gas stations and in "Trafik". There you can buy cigarettes and smoking utilities. The owner of a so called "Trafik" tell me you can bet 70 Euro complete anonymous. I dont know maybe you can do that 4 or 5 Times. Maybe more, but if you walk 500 meters, then there will be another Trafik, 300 Meters more and you are At the Gas station. You have 4 different betting machines. Sorry For my bad english but i hope this helps
        Wer mir Fussballwetten nachspielt ist leider selber Schuld. MotoGP geht ;)


        • adriaticsee
          adriaticsee kommentierte
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          Thank you, it helps a lot because I heard you need some registration card to bet even in offline shops.

        • schoki-plus
          schoki-plus kommentierte
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          That is the case in Vienna but nowhere else in Austria.
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