mybet System & Combi Bet: Our Tips & Tricks

Logo MybetIf you like sports betting and have gained a lot of experience in this field, you probably already heard something about system or combination bets. These are types of bets that are more exciting and can yield higher profits. At the same time, however, one should also be careful here, since this also means a much higher risk.

Mybet is an online sportsbook where you can win up to 14,000 classic sports and live bets. There are numerous sports events available. The sports areas vary from football and tennis to basketball and ice hockey to various other popular sports. But many other interesting sports areas, such as rugby or table tennis, are available at mybet. That's why the bookmaker also has one of the most comprehensive offers on the web. In addition one can conclude here not only single bets, but also well mybet system as well as combination bets. In the following article we would like to give a mybet explanation for both types of bets. In addition, we also show our mybet betschein explanation and give many useful tips and tricks.

mybet combi bets: The explanation & an example

Multi-bets on the mybet betting kings (Source: mybet)

Multi-bets on the mybet betting kings (Source: mybet)

Under an mybet combination bet refers to, as the name implies, a combination of several single bets . These are linked together, so you only have to use an amount and thus can make a high profit.

At the same time, however, this also poses a high risk . Because once a tip is set wrong, you will lose the entire bet. Incidentally, how high the prize is is also displayed directly on the bet slip. This calculates namely the mybet combi bet calculator automatically.

However, we would like to show at this point how exactly the profit is calculated. For this we enter in our example three single bets:

For one, we bet on the victory of Real Madrid at a rate of 4.00.
On the other hand, we tap on the victory of Manchester City. The quota is here at 3.00.
For this we rely on Werder Bremen with a quota of 2.50.

If all three teams win, we have to multiply the respective odds. This results in a total quota of 30. If we have now spent five euros, we have won 150 euros. However, if one of these three teams lost, we would have lost the entire mybet multiple bet.

The mybet system bets: what should be considered?

fussball_sportwetten_pcThe mybet system bet is a further development of the combination bet. Because basically this consists of several multiples . Overall, there is the advantage that there is a lower risk than the combined bet. After all, not every bet needs to be correct to win the entire system bet . On the other hand, one should also consider the disadvantage of system bets. Because here for each series of bets a separate amount of money is necessary.

Let's clarify our mybet system bet explanation, by way of example: let's say we bet on Real Madrid's win (odds of 4.00) on three games and victory on Manchester City (3.00) on the other. and last but not least the victory of Werder Bremen (2.50). So in this case, we would go for a „2 out of 3“ system bet. That means two of these tips must be correct. One may be wrong. This results in the following three betting series in which we each invest ten euros, for a total of 30 euros:mybet

  • Series 1: Real Madrid (odds 4,00) and Manchester City (odds 3,00)
  • Series 2: Real Madrid (odds 4,00) and Werder Bremen (odds of 2.50)
  • Series 3: Manchester City (odds 3,00) and Werder Bremen (odds of 2.50)

After all the games are over, we learn that Manchester City and Real Madrid have won. The game of Werder Bremen ended in a draw. Thus we won the betting series 1. In this case, we would multiply the odds 4.00 and 3.00 with the bet amount of ten euros.

That means we would have a profit of 60 Euro here. However, we also have to deduct the losses again. Because we lost the betting series 2 and 3. So we have a total profit of 40 euros. Incidentally, the mybet system bet calculator automatically calculates the highest possible odds on the bet slip.mybet Systemwette Rechner automatisch auf dem Wettschein aus.

Incidentally, you can also use the option „Bank“ . This will take a selected bet into every mybet system bet. If you lose the bank bet, you lose the entire system bet. Nevertheless, this option can offer good odds. However, these should only be used very rarely and only if you are absolutely sure. Here, of course, the mybet system calculator will determine the possible profit in advance.mybet Systemwette übernommen. Wenn man die Bank Wette dabei verliert, verliert man auch die gesamte Systemwette. Dennoch kann diese Option gute Gewinnchancen bieten. Allerdings sollte man diese nur sehr selten einsetzen und auch nur dann, wenn man sich absolut sicher ist. Dabei wird selbstverständlich auch hier der mybet Systemrechner den möglichen Gewinn vorab ermitteln.

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Our 3 tips for mybet combo bet & mybet system betmybet Kombiwette & mybet Systemwette

money management

Our first tip on the mybet combined bet and the mybet system bet refers to the money management. Because using his credit in a structured way is very important. Therefore one should not invest all his money at once, but always only a small part. For example, if you have 50 euros on the betting account, you can invest one euro for each bet. This could complete a total of 50 bets.mybet Kombiwette sowie zur mybet Systemwette bezieht sich auf das Geldmanagement. Denn sein Guthaben strukturiert einzusetzen, ist sehr wichtig. Deshalb sollte man auch nicht sein gesamtes Geld auf einmal investieren, sondern stets nur einen geringen Teil. Wenn man zum Beispiel 50 Euro auf dem Wettkonto zur Verfügung stehen hat, kann man für jede Wette beispielsweise einen Euro investieren. Dadurch könnte man insgesamt 50 Wetten abschließen.

At the same time, you should also make sure that you only use the money to bet that you actually have left. Accordingly, one should of course not use the money for the rent, for the food or similar.

Favorites / outsider

Another aspect is that you should focus on favorites. Although there are often not very high quotas, the risk is lower. It makes sense, therefore, to place in a combination or system bet at most one outsider bet. This minimizes the risk and has better chances of winning. This is very important, especially for multiples.


In addition, preparation is also a very important part of betting. Because before you give your bet slip at all, you should be well informed about the respective games. That is, one should look at the forecasts and research thoroughly.

Place mybet bets in three easy steps: That's how it worksmybet Wetten ganz leicht platzieren: So geht’s

If you want to place a bet with mybet, you can do it very easily, in just three steps:mybet eine Wette platzieren, kann man dies sehr leicht machen, und zwar in nur drei Schritten:

  1. First of all, you have to go to the website of the bookmaker and log in . To do this, enter his e-mail address and password.
  2. Then you can already choose the bet . Go to the sportsbook menu, choose a sport and finally a bet. In order for the bet to be transferred to the mybet betting slip, you simply have to click on the odds.mybet Wettschein übernommen wird, muss man anschließend einfach nur auf die Quote klicken.
  3. In the third step you can finally stop the bet typeWettart einstellen . That means, you have to decide, if you want to complete a mybet combination, system or single bet. Directly afterwards you can also enter the amount of money . As a result, the mybet system bet calculator or mybet multiply bet calculator also calculates the possible net profit.mybet Kombi, System oder Einzelwette abschließen möchte. Direkt danach kann man auch mybet Systemwetten Rechner bzw. mybet Kombiwetten Rechner auch den möglichen Nettogewinn aus.

As soon as this is done, you only have to click on the „place bet“ button . Because this will send the bet. As you can see, according to our mybet bets, typing is very easy and within a few minutes.mybet Wetten Erklärung also sehr einfach und innerhalb weniger Minuten.

The mybet special & special bets at a glancemybet Spezial- & Sonderwetten auf einen Blick

Although bookmaker mybet can also bet on victory, defeat or draw, there are even more bets here. So this provider also provides a lot of mybet special bets. These include:mybet auch auf den Sieg, die Niederlage oder Unentschieden setzen, dennoch gibt es hier weitaus mehr Wetten. So stellt auch dieser Anbieter eine Menge mybet Sonderwetten bereit. Zu diesen zählen unter anderem:

  • Double odds bets: Here you will be able to cover two exits from the same game.
  • Over / under bets: For example, with this widely held special bet, you can bet that you will lose below or above 2.5 goals.
  • Half time bets: Anyone who enters a half time bet can tap on the result of the first and / or second half.
  • TorwettenGoal bets: For example, at mybet you can also bet on which half time the most goals will be scored, if both teams will score, if there will be goals from the home team and if there will be goals from the visiting team. There are, however, a few more goal bets.mybet auch wetten, in welcher Halbzeit die meisten Tore fallen, ob beide Teams ein Tor erzielen, ob es Tore seitens des Heimteams gibt und ob es Tore seitens des Gastteams gibt. Dazu gibt es jedoch noch einige weitere Torwetten.
mybet special bet

Special bets at mybet on the example of over / under bets. (Source: mybet)mybet am Beispiel Über/Unter Wetten. (Quelle: mybet)

In addition to all these mybet special bets, the bookmaker still has a few more ready. For example, you can also type which Bundesliga coach will be dismissed first in each season or what the specific result after the match will look like.mybet Spezialwetten hält der Buchmacher jedoch noch einige weitere bereit. Zum Beispiel kann man auch tippen, welcher Bundesliga-Trainer als erstes in der jeweiligen Saison entlassen wird oder wie das konkrete Ergebnis nach dem Spiel aussieht.

Conclusion: Different types of bets available

Logo MybetIn summary, in our mybet experiences , we can finally say that this bookmaker holds various types of bets. Through our mybet combination bet we have found out that this type of bet is risky, but it can also produce good profits. System bets are not that profitable, but they offer a lower risk. Nevertheless, of course, there is also the risk of total loss here. Therefore, one should always try to research very thoroughly before making a bet. But good money management is also important to minimize the risk.mybet Kombiwette Erklärung haben wir dabei herausgefunden, dass diese Wettart risikoreich ist, allerdings auch gute Gewinne hervorbringen kann. Systemwetten sind währenddessen nicht so profitabel, bieten dafür jedoch ein geringeres Risiko. Dennoch besteht selbstverständlich auch hier das Risiko des Totalverlusts. Deshalb sollte man stets versuchen, sehr gründlich zu recherchieren, bevor man eine Wette abgibt. Doch auch ein gutes Geldmanagement ist wichtig, um das Risiko zu minimieren.

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